8,536 // ? | Female | Prae
Sacrifice is the price of progress.


Ceptum is what one would call - in its most literal sense - a progressive. She has always sought to define and then transcend the limits of everything that she puts herself to, be it socially, physically, or mentally. Ceptum believes in existence as a trial, a series of paradigms and contexts to be understood and completed in the most efficient and rewarding ways possible, and thrives in situations where she is able to break perceived notions of completion to well and truly know something and apply that to transcend the other areas in life.

Unable to simply accept reality as what it is, Ceptum has always believed in the creed that knowledge is power - and has always sought to wield this power as an instrument of change to better herself, her race, and the world as a whole. Noble intentions are often cast aside by the ruminations of a pragmatic mind, however, and it takes a supreme focus to push past what is known and what is accepted for the perceived good of an entire universe. Ceptum's way of thinking has historically made her many enemies who believe that the status quo is to be preserved, and her doggedly persistent notion of complacency being the enemy of progress has left her little time to win over her detractors or make allies. As a result, Ceptum is largely solitary by nature and wishes to focus her energies purely on that which she perceives to matter.

Unfortunately, due to her strictly forward-thinking ways, Ceptum has been unable to live in the bubble of isolation that she so wished. Seen as a heretic and traitor, as an abomination against the rules of nature and an errant chord in the universal symphony, Ceptum has often had to contend with those that have misunderstood her wholly noble intentions in the only way that her skill set has allowed her to - with force. Many have attempted to wrest control of her fate from her hands but all have singularly failed, and many have paid the mortal price for their hubris in attempting such - and while she does not mourn the deaths she has caused for she knows that they are merely the price of progress, she wishes that all could see past the arbitrary distinctions of law, race, and fate to what truly matters - shattering boundaries.

The mantle of prejudice weighs heavily upon Ceptum's mind for it is one she has borne for as long as she can remember, and she loathes watching it cast upon another - perhaps the one empathetic and humanising quality she has above all else is that she refuses to allow another to suffer the same societal pitfalls that she has. Her idea of mercy and camaraderie often slips when the individuals that she assists do not share in her singular love of advancement, but she is left with an inner warmth knowing that she has enabled a progression in its own right and uses this as fuel to continue to push the very limits of what is known and accepted.


Ceptum's history is largely occluded from both memory and record, though her name still rings within the memory of the oldest Prae as a race-traitor and a heathen of the highest order.

Once, Ceptum was a promising member of the Prae, dedicated to improving herself and her culture in as many ways as possible. Her research brought her to the doorstep of the Licenti and their life cycle, and over the years Ceptum sought to replicate precisely what it meant to, in her eyes, transcend the limits of mortality as she believed the Licenti had. In her lifetime, one Licentia transcended the limits of their race and this spurred Ceptum's own ascension - and saved her from the ensuing chaos that engulfed her world.

The rite of undeath was a success, and Ceptum became a Lich - imitating the Licenti's life cycle - and resulting in her expulsion from society. Since then she has hidden away (successfully), further promoting her own agenda and goals. The Prae never forgave Ceptum's betrayal, though the finer points were lost in the chaos of the period, and she has been a loose legend on errant lips ever since, occasionally making it to the position of villain in fairy tales.

Now, Ceptum has returned - but for what reason, few are privy to. She is driven by a task given to someone she considers vitally important, and has turned her sights upon Ominar.


Phylactery The only notable possession of Ceptum’s is her phylactery, which is stowed away in her base of operations. It is the unholy crucible that binds her to this world, and is the source of her preternatural longevity as well as her necromantic power. The phylactery contains and isolates her Anima, allowing her to generate a body for herself, and preventing her death for as long as the phylactery remains intact.


Prodigious Intellect Magical Savant Eidetic Memory
Unable to recall pre-ascension life Eloquent / Charismatic Driven
Undead Unnatural Durability Extreme Regeneration
Does not require oxygen Does not require sleep Does not require sustenance


◆ Magical Savant

Ceptum is one of the most advanced magical practitioners in existence, able to command her own Vis with startling accuracy and potency. As a lich, Ceptum's understanding and control over ambient Vis is incredibly potent, allowing her to weave spells of staggering potency whose effects can be felt in the ambient Vis for miles.

There is no element of magic that Ceptum is not completely proficient in casting, and she is able to replicate any magic that she sees provided it uses Vis. Ceptum is capable of teleportation - her own body is generated by her force of will, so she is able to perform acts of teleportation that would severely damage a living being.
◆ Exae

Ceptum is a master of the art known as Exae, which allows the user to use the ambient Vis in the world as if it were their own for the purpose of casting spells, which results in magic far more potent than is normally possible.
◆ Undeath

As a lich, Ceptum’s body is a construct created by her phylactery. If any part of her body remains she is able to magically repair it, and if nothing remains her phylactery will reform a new body over the course of a week and she will be reborn. The only way to kill a lich is to destroy their phylactery.